Random gifts

I’m wondering why some of my vendors choose to send the most random holiday gifts. For example, I just got a pretty lame mug with a vendor’s logo on it. Now, I don’t mean to be unappreciated and I suppose I could always use another mug – but really? When I give gifts to clients or vendors, we buy local – therefore supporting local and keeping the dollars local. I try to buy things from our advertisers and end up doing so 95% of the time, but even in other instances we keep our money here in town and try to give gifts that are relevant.

I also received a box from fruit that probably cost upwards of $75 and I’m wondering what this person was thinking? Sending non organic overpriced fruit in my mind is just a waste of money, and the resources it took to get the fruit from wherever it came from all the way to Santa¬† Barbara. Last time I checked Santa Barbara grew plenty of it’s own fruit.

Certainly one objective of the Holidays is to show your love or appreciation for those that are deserving, I just think it can be done in a more meaningful and sustainable way. So instead of buying people random, meaningless gifts, at least buy them locally.mugs

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