More than one reader

I’m thrilled to let you all know that apparently I have now have more than one person who routinely reads my blog! I know, because two people told me that one of my recent posts was a little harsh and after re-reading it – I agree. So I apologize. I definitely don’t want to offend anyone nor do I want to use my blog as a venue to complain or rant. I’d much rather keep it focused on theĀ  positive, and if I do talk about a local issue I’ll try to be a little more sensitive.

At the same time I hope to keep it interesting and sometimes you gotta stir the pot a little.

Probably 1 of my 3 Blog Followers

Probably 1 of my 3 Blog Followers

So a big “Thank You” to my two readers for keeping me in check.

By the way – The best spots to be social and watch the big game this weekend are (in no particular order):

SB Brewing Company, Madisson’s, Hollister Brewing Company, Downtown Brewing Company, and the good ole Brew House.

Although, with a 3 month old baby I doubt I’ll leave the house. Go Saints! I mean Go Colts!

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2 Responses to “More than one reader”

  1. Scott Maio says:

    As to the harshness of your posts, I think you were spot on about the landlords here in town fueling the fire with corporate takeover. We are all here to support local business and boost local economy…lets keep it that way-and for the experience you had with “That Tequila Restaurant Incident”, I think people need to know that it is hard sometimes to earn peoples trust especially when they don’t know you. Good thing we live in a small community where it’s easy to find 2 degrees of separation, meaning if you don’t know who I am, guarantee you someone who you know does. It sounds like that Restaurant turned out to be a great client.

    FYI, I’ll be at the Chase Lounge watching the game with the locals and using my Axxess Card.

    Go Giants!!! oops! At least there’s one Manning there!

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