Keeping Up

Every day I talk with a dozen or so local small business owners and while each one is unique in their own way, more often than not the conversations touch on some of the same opinions and challenges, and I imagine these concerns run true for almost everyone regardless of whether or not they own their own businesses or work for someone else.

Most recently it seems there’s a more positive outlook for the future than people were willing to express in the last two or three years – so that’s reassuring.

The flip side is that people are feeling more inundated than ever before and are simply having a hard time “keeping up” with their business activities. This means different things to different people but in the world of the business owner it ultimately means doing ALL those things, big and small, to not only keep the business running but to also grow it. That means staying modern and relevant, staying visible, keeping up and hopefully outdoing the competition, connecting (& actually engaging) with your customers, analyzing costs towards profitability, managing cash flow (and the people that work for you!) and a variety of other objectives that require constant effort, time and brain power.

When I’m feeling overwhelmed I have to really put myself in check, take a deep breath, and re-convince myself that on my death bed these things aren’t going to matter. It’s not that I take the issues lightly, in fact it’s the opposite – but in the long term and in the larger scheme of things (life) most of the daily stresses get way more attention than they deserve.

So relax. Decide which of the tasks you need to handle first in order to best “keep up”. Or which objective when completed will relieve the most stress? Attack it and move on.

TIP – If you get your email to more than two locations (your work computer, your phone, your i-pad,  your home computer or laptop, etc), that is Madness and I suggest you simplify. Trust me, once you make it a week or two being less connected, you’ll feel less stressed and will have more time to “keep up” with the other things that matter.

I started this post to talk about the changes to the Axxess Website and look where it took me…maybe next time.

Happy Monday!

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