Cafe “Y”?

Sherill's Sign caught my eye!

Sherill's Sign caught my eye!

I’m currently dealing with a long time restaurant client who moved, changed their name and for some reason will no longer honor their Axxess discount – let’s call them “Cafe Y”.

I just don’t get it. For years we’ve brought them customers and for years I’ve had a good relationship with them – or at least I thought I did. My wife and I go to dinner there frequently, high five the manager, tip well and I often go out of my way to promote them.

Suddenly, the owner will not take our calls and they’re upsetting cardholders everyday who go there and are then denied the discount when their check arrives.

So all of a sudden why the change? I can’t imagine it’s anything me or my team has done so it must be something purely on their end. As Cardholders and Axxess supporters, something like this may have happened to you in the past so I’ll give you my two cents:

-Cafe Y’s business is down, costs are up and each time he gives an Axxess discount he now sees it as losing money

-Cafe Y has moved and is trying new things, they might be the “hot spot” of the month so they decide they no longer want to offer a discount

-Cafe Y has partners who don’t work the restaurant floor and are less in touch with the business than the managing partner or general manager. As majority shareholders they really call the shots. And often, for some reason will not make time to discuss the situation with me.

I try my hardest not to take situations like this personally but some times are more trying than others. The fact is this: business IS personal. The key is simply focusing on the positive, dealing with these situations as best I can and understanding that their actions likely have little to do with me. As frustrating as it sometimes may be, I try to move on quickly to better things.

The list continues & stuff like this happens all the time. By sharing these stories I hope to give a little insight into our world and how hard we work to make Axxess outstanding for all.

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