Axxess Adds More Than 50 to the Next Edition

Axxess Rewards is kind of like this!

Axxess Rewards is kind of like this!

Despite a somewhat tough economy out there I’m excited to publish our 12th Edition this upcoming October and can guarantee you it’s again another amazing membership – filled with hundreds of merchants and some amazing offers.

The past two years have been particularly hard on small businesses, certainly nationwide and definitely in our community. State street and Calle Real both have numerous vacancies – many of which were home to previous Axxess merchants. (About 20 of our clients are no longer in business!) And while the growth of new business is not as solid as years past, there is still growth and that’s important to recognize. Actually “growth” might not be as accurate as saying there is still “new life” because there are new businesses still opening up. So despite closures and much talk of sluggish sales, you can look forward to over 50 new business participants in the 2011 Axxess Book. (For you foodies, a few new additions include: Piatti’s, Roy, Billies, Chino’s Rock & Tacos and many more)

Some of these are new businesses while others are established businesses that have been around for years. All of them recognize the need for a steady local clientele and that’s where you come in to this story. Local merchants need your patronage now more than ever and many of them are willing to earn it – by offering an exclusive incentive to you – the Axxess Cardholder.

So try some new places and find some new favorites – break out of your normal habits and turn that Axxess Card into Swiss cheese! For a list of most new merchants that already have current offers visit our new online merchant directory. And when you go to these places don’t forget to tell us about it, we’ll even give you some free stuff for doing so.  Every time you do, you’ll also be automatically entered to win Axxess Dinner & A Show – a $50 restaurant gift certificate and 2 tickets to a performing arts show!

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