Thank you Ear

Thanksgiving , is an interesting holiday in which we dine with family & friends and take time to recognize what we’re thankful for – and rightfully so since I think most of us are extremely fortunate compared to  many others across the world. At most Thanksgiving get-togethers I hear the usual expressions of thankfulness for one’s loved ones, friends, the meal on the table, etc. – all things I am definitely thankful for.

bush turkeyIn January of 2009 I underwent a 10 1/2 hour brain surgery to remove a tumor inside my skull that was pushing up into my ear canal and against my facial nerves. The recovery was as intense as the procedure and I learned a few things throughout the entire process about myself and about life.  I could go on and on about the experience but because it’s Thanksgiving I’ll stick with tradition and share some things I’m thankful for. In doing so I’ll try to mention a few things that traditionally get overlooked because they’re so obvious.

My list is in no particular order and doesn’t cover it all, but it’s a start and I’m sure much of it is relevant to all.

I’m thankful for my eye balls and that they work; my legs; the fact that I have hands with opposed thumbs; I’m thankful that I can feed myself; that I can talk; for the excellent education my surgeons received and for their dedication to their trade; that modern medicine has developed amazing drugs; I’m extremely thankful that I have one ear that works perfectly despite my other one being permanently and 100% out of order.

I’m grateful for the fact that running and hot water is a daily part of our lives, electricity too; that I can get a hot cup of coffee anytime the mood strikes; that our roads are paved; that I own a car that does more than get me from A to B; that dial up internet is a thing of the past; that the Giants won the world series; and that my daily work commute is under 5 minutes.

I’m very thankful that I’ve experienced no tragic deaths in the past five years; those that I care about are healthy and for the simple fact that I woke up this morning (at 4am due to my adorable one year old who seems to be an early riser!) and am alive. I’m also thankful that you’re reading this, hopefully it’ll resonate with you. (And the Bush Turkey photo has no relevance, I just thought it was funny.)

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6 Responses to “Thank you Ear”

  1. SB Meg says:

    Nicely put! Thanks for sharing. I’m thankful to have a wonderful and supportive boss that has created a truly great company to be a part of. (Even though he’s a Giants fan…)

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  3. Eric says:

    Aww, thank you dear! I am so happy you liked it! Part of me wanted to do more than a boifrne picture, maybe something with leaves, but I find the boifrne is so cozy and makes me think of fun memories and cold weather.

  4. Romany says:

    I’ll start with two of them. The first one is above the post. It is of the turkey plate just after we all faseted. I’m eating the leftovers right now The second shot is playing. OK, your turn.

  5. Valentina says:

    Happy Thanksgiving, Davis Family! I’m thankful for my beuitufal little girl, the healthy baby kicking and growing in my belly, my wonderfully patient, supportive, and understanding husband, and that my children will grow up with wildlife, mountains, and rivers nearly in their backyard. And also my hot tub. But especially when it’s shared with people listed above. :-)

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