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That Damn Miley Cyrus

Monday, November 30th, 2009

Yesterday morning I was reading Randy Weiss’ comments or his  blog caption on Noozhawk. He had a touching article but within it he also mentioned that for some reason he had a Whitney Houston song stuck in his head. All I could think of was how lucky he was, I’ve had this darn Miley Cyrus tune, that I unfortunately heard while channel surfing, stuck in my head for weeks. It’s killing me. I don’t even know who she is, in fact I just learned that she and Hannah Montana are one in the same!? Go figure.

Cesar Chavez To Stay Open…For now.

Saturday, November 28th, 2009

I was glad to read that Cesar Chavez  School will at least remain open throughb the rest of the school year, and that  the current students wont have to be  thrown into another class at another school in the middle of their year. However, apparently the fate of the school is still up in the air and wont be decided until the end of oo year.

I don’t have the solution nor do i like to get involved in the local politics, but I think it sucks when any school is considering closing, particularly because the issues are complex and often more is involved than money and test scores. Not sure where I was going with this one…

Follow Becca

Wednesday, November 25th, 2009

I had mentioned a few weeks back that I came across a local blogger named Becca who’s determined to use her Axxess Card at least 6 times this year – and meanwhile blog about each time she uses it. Great with us! I have no idea who this person is, she’s not affiliated with us at all, but I think she’s already used her Card 4 or 5 times…which is pretty good considering this latest edition has only been out for 6 weeks.

Lately she’s been to the Downtown Brewing Company (which by the way, is actually Uptown) and to SilverGreen’s.

I encourage you to follow Becca’s lead. Last year I guess she purchased an Axxess Card and didn’t get the mileage out of it that she hoped to, so now she’s determined to. I think she’s already made her $30 back and shared with everyone how easy it is to do so. Fun too.

Putting Butts in Seats

Thursday, November 19th, 2009

The other night I walked by a handful of down town restaurants, all of which were empty and all of which are probably considered our town’s higher end establishments.  Without naming names, you can probably accurately guess a few of the restaurants I’m referring to. (I’m not talking about Joe’s, I simply included this photo because I thought it was cool). While these places may have great food and service – an empty seat is an empty seat.

Over the  past 11 years I’ve tried my hardest to get these restaurants to be part of Axxess.  Of course by now I know most of the owners and I call them every year. The funny thing is, they hear my name or the word Axxess and they literally run out the back door.  I don’t think it’s anything against me personally – I shower, I wear deodorant and I’m always polite – I think the bottom line for them is that in no way would they be associated with the word “discount”.

Some of these owners think that offering a discount damages their image.  Some owners are chefs and many chefs consider themselves artists – and an artist would never discount their work right? I think they’re missing the mark. They are business owners and no matter how you look at it, at the  end of the day they need to make sales. Just like I do, just like every business does.Joes Cafe

For a restaurant, the most expensive seat is an empty seat. It’s a fact. Another fact,  since the beginning of commerce, is that if you lower your prices you will increase your sales.

When Nordstroms runs their half yearly sale I have a strong feeling that their sales go up. It may be temporary, but the sale increases customer traffic, increases revenues, and moves product that otherwise would hit the books negatively. What about Blue Bee? A high end store that seems to be doing pretty well overall, but when they have their sales – the line goes all the way down State Street. And that’s  at like 5 am!

When you go to these sales do you as a customer think any less of Nordstrom or Blue Bee? I doubt it.

I wish some of these owners would come around to the fact that Axxess brings in good, local customers. And in the end, it’s a good thing because  they now have an opportunity to put more money in the till and convert a new customer to a loyal patron. That’s what Axxess does, we put butts in seats!

Additionally, I’m not going to judge a place or a product because of a discount. I’m going to try the place and form an opinion based upon the food, the atmosphere, the service, etc. And I’m not going to think any less of a business or think they’re struggling because they’re offering a discount. Mercedes has sales all the time. So does Lexus. I still think they’re nice, luxurious cars – and I’m pretty sure neither auto maker is any worse off financially than GM! You get my drift?

Here’s a real life example about the local clothing store Bryan Lee. Bryan Lee is a fairly high end clothing store on State right next to Starbucks at De la Guerra. Cool stuff. The previous owner was very hesitant to do Axxess and it took me five years to convince him to give it a try. Guess what? It worked, and the store has been a part of Axxess ever since. The store changed hands several years ago and Jen, the new owner (who’s a total sweetheart by the way) gets new customers weekly from Axxess and enjoys that spike in sales. The Axxess people that convert into her customers still understand the stores image and certainly don’t think any less of a store in which they now shop, just because a discount introduced them.

The New Look

Wednesday, November 11th, 2009

This year you may have noticed we went a different direction with the look of both our Directory and Axxess Card.

We think our redesign brought a more modern and lively feel to the program, and made it a little less “hokey” too. But friends of mine have told me that they’re not fans of the Card’s new look and asked me what the heck I was thinking. Granted, my friends are not “normal” so I can’t fully trust their opinions but I’m wondering what you and the general public think.  Let me know.

Competition for Axxess?

Monday, November 9th, 2009

I don’t mean this in the literal sense, truth is for eleven years Axxess has been “my baby”.

I became a dad last week and now have a daughter to compete with Axxess for my time.  That’s the only real competition Axxess has. Here she is on her second day.Sierra on her 2nd Day

D.D. Stands for Due Date

Sunday, November 1st, 2009

D.D. used to mean “designated driver” to me. But now it means my wife’s “due date” – which is tomorrow!

I think we’ll be right on schedule, I can feel it. However the last time I “could feel it” I was sure it was a boy, and I was wrong, so who knows. Either way, we’re excited and we’re ready to go.   Maybe tomorrow it’ll dawn on me that there’s more to life than Santa Barbara Axxess, which was truly my first “baby”.  Wish us luck!