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New Axxess Card Out: Article in the Daily Sound

Wednesday, September 30th, 2009

The Daily Sound has been a great addition to our community and thanks for the article!

Look for a student in your neighborhood who’s selling Axxess Cards as a fundraiser. We hope to raise more than $70,000 this fall, bringing our total to nearly $400,000.

11 Years & Going Strong

Friday, September 25th, 2009

I can’t believe that  Axxess has now been around for 11 years! I started the company in 1999 with one of my best friends right after we both graduated from UCSB.

Our first book was only 92 pages and had about 50 2-for-1 offers.  Starting out, my business partner and I were absolutely clueless. Nate had a degree in marine biology and I had mine in Anthropology – both of which are fairly useless in the real world. Back then it was near impossible to get businesses to participate AND equally hard to get anyone, even our friends to buy a Card.   In those early years I felt like I was the only guy in town with an Axxess Card. I used it daily, almost religiously and went nowhere that didn’t accept it- mostly because I wanted to support my clients but partly because I had no money whatsoever.  Even on first dates, I was that guy who wasn’t afraid to  bust out my little  Axxess Card.  I  probably saved a few bucks on those dates but I don’t think it helped me get any second dates.